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How do I apply?
You can apply via online or download the application form and submit it through mail. Since applying does not incur you any charge and you are merely booking a spot in the class program that you are interested in, we really encourage you to apply as early as possible before the due date.

Okay, So I've applied….Now What?
As soon as we receive your application, one of JIC professional counselor will contact you via phone or email. This opportunity will allow you to ask any questions you might have about studying at JIC, entry requirement, financial matters and at the same time, give us the opportunity to get to know you. You will be then be asked to submit the relevant documents for entry requirements such as Academic Results, IELTS or TOEFL results in which you can send as soon as they are available.

I have submitted the requested documents, what do I do next?
Once all the documents are in, we will start processing your admissions. If you are accepted, we will issue you a Full Offer Letter along with the payment details which you are required to pay at the mentioned due dates. After you completed the first payment, you will then be invited to attend the Orientation and Enrolment event at the proposed date. If you receive a conditional offer, you have to meet the conditions outlined in your Offer Letter. After you meet the conditions, you will then receive a Full Offer.

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