Visa and Accommodation

If you are international student who are planning to study at JIC, please look at the following information.

  • Requirement for Applying the Indonesian student visa process


    Prior to visa application, you will need to complete your application process and receive Full Offer Letter from JIC.


    After that, JIC will provide the assistance for the student visa application


    Prepare and submit the following documents for the application:

    1. Your CV:please make a standard CV / Resume similar to those used for applying a job including your home address.
    2. Copy of your relevant academic results
    3. Copy of your parents passport front page which shows pictures and data
    4. Copy of your Birth Certificate
    5. Copy of your Family Register


    Submit the payment for administration fees which will be advised accordingly.


    Advise JIC the Indonesian Embassy nearest to your place.


    Once it is finished, you will receive VBS (Indonesia Temporary Visa) which you will need to bring to the appointed Indonesian Embassy to be processed into student visa.


    Please contact the Indonesian Embassy for the required documents as well as the student visa processing fee.


    Finally, obtain your student visa.