Dear JIC Family

Friday, February 2, 2024, marked a significant moment for Jakarta International College (JIC) as we celebrated the Soft Opening of the Jakarta International College (JIC) and University of Jakarta International (UNIJI) Campus at the Jakarta International Tower (JIT) in Slipi, West Jakarta.

The day commenced with a Mass led by Father Agustinus Suharyadi, SJ, followed by the blessing of various rooms in the 23-story campus building. After this solemn start, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, led by the SIJI Group Foundation Board, the Rector, officials from UNIJI and JIC, and other esteemed guests.

Following the ribbon-cutting, a symbolic rice cone-cutting ceremony (tumpeng) marked the occasion. Prof. Dr. Sihol Situngkir, MBA, expressed appreciation to the Foundation Board by presenting the Batak Ulos (traditional cloth) to Dr. Antonius Agus Susanto and Dr. Wenny Candra Mandagie. Prof. Sihol highlighted that the ulos symbolize the rich cultural heritage of the Nusantara region and carry prayers and blessings for the families of Dr. Agus and Dr. Wenny.

Dr. Agus shared insights into the challenging journey of transforming JIC Tower into the modern campus it is today, acknowledging his wife Dr. Wenny's inspiration and their shared commitment to excellence. Dr. Wenny, in turn, expressed gratitude for her husband's unwavering support, emphasizing their shared vision for providing a top-quality educational environment for Indonesia's youth.

In his inaugural address, Prof. Dr. Sihol Situngkir, MBA, outlined a strategic vision for UNIJI and JIC, emphasizing collaborative approaches to achieving their long-term goals. Drawing on his expertise in strategic planning, Prof. Sihol underscored the importance of nurturing excellent human resources to drive success until 2049.

With his experience as the former Rector of Unika Santo Thomas Medan, Prof. Sihol provided clear direction on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for effective university governance, aligning with national directives on curriculum, faculty, and graduate quality.

The Soft Opening also marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for our university, UNIJI, which is set to welcome its first intake at the JIT building in September 2024.

Additionally, our new campus is set to open in mid-2024, promising a modern and stylish environment for students. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it aims to provide an exceptional learning experience. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our new campus soon, offering one of the best educational environments in Jakarta for your child.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you with more exciting news soon!