Our Team

We Kindly Introduce Our Team

Ms Fransisca Laij

Academic Director

Master of Arts in Educational Administration

Dr Catherine Thomas

Vice Academic Director,

Lecturer in Psychology

PhD in Psychology

Dr Junaid A. Rana

Director of Research,

Lecturer in Microeconomics & IT

PhD in Research Management

Mr David Henderson

Global Relationship Director,

Lecturer in Marketing & Management

Master in Soc. Sci. Management (Marketing)

Dr Liana Rahardja

Head of Accounting Program,

Lecturer in Accounting

PhD in Accounting

Dr Ahmad Nawaz

Lecturer in Statistics, Data Analysis & Macroeconomics

PhD in Research Management

Dr Fikri Jermadi

Lecturer in Media Studies & Communication

PhD in Screen Technology

Dr Kartiko Eko Puranto

Lecturer in Math, Physics & IT

PhD in Engineering and Technology

Dr Benjamin Dively Arnold

Core Lecturer in General Education (WMU Program)

Doctor of Law - JD

Mr David Anthony Hannigan

Lecturer in Business Law

PhD candidate in Law

Mr Ruben Garcia

Lecturer in Management, Math & IT

Master of Business Administration

Ms Destini Rosa Winarti

Lecturer in Math & Chemistry

Master of Engineering in Material Engineering

Ms Rehana Vaz

Lecturer in Sociology & Psychology

Master in Counselling

Ms Innge S. Handojo

Lecturer in Accounting

Master of Accounting

Ms Jan Tiu

Lecturer in Accounting & Management

Master in Business Administration

Ms Hanum Tyagita

Lecturer in Communication & International Studies

Master of Arts

Ms Yessy Hidajat

Lecturer in English

Master of Arts in TESOL and Information & Communication Technology

Ms Mirah Iskandar

Lecturer in English

CELTA Teaching Certificate (University of Cambridge)

Mr Hank Tegtmeier

Lecturer in English

Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education and English