Why You Should Start With JIC

Guaranteed Placement in University:

Through JIC you will be guaranteed placement to Monash University & Western Michigan University


Excellent Preparation:

Language, basic academy knowledge, and learning time management are the most important things before entering university life


Interactivity and Technology in the Learning Space:

Wifi in every room


Small Classes:

Only 25 students for tutorial class


Group Work:

Participate in group work and develop yourself to be a team player


Try Out and Find Your Specialization:

Strenghten your base knowledge of your preferred course


Smart Saving on Money and Time:

• Save up your time, living cost, and tuition fee abroad by beginning your study in Indonesia
• Allocate the money and time for further studies abroad  or your other future endeavors


Stay Longer with Family:

Starting your study with JIC shorten your duration of study abroad, enabling you to stay longer with your family