JIC's New Campus in 2024
Establishment of University of Jakarta International
Since its establishment in 2002, Jakarta International College has been committed to delivering high-quality international education to students in Indonesia through strategic collaborations with esteemed institutions such as Monash University Australia, Western Michigan University, California State University Long Beach, University of San Francisco, Birmingham University, and others.
In our steadfast dedication to cultivating a community of scholars, thinkers, and innovators committed to making a positive impact on Indonesia.
Since 2023, we are embarking on a transformative journey by elevating our status to a university. Evolving from Jakarta International College (JIC) and its School of Business, also recognized as STIE JIC, we take great pride in introducing the University of Jakarta International (UNIJI).
Drawing upon more than two decades of experience in the transnational education industry, UNIJI is shaped by the wealth of knowledge gained from JIC. We tailor this experience to meet the specific needs of Indonesian students, we are aiming to provide a distinctive learning environment that prepares students to be not only career-ready but also competitive on a global scale upon graduation.

What's Next?

The beginning of UNIJI marks a new phase in our journey. We strongly believe in the limitless nature of learning and the boundless future of education. We are committed to collaborating with renowned international universities to bring quality education to students in Indonesia. Simultaneously, our dedication to continuous improvement remains unwavering as we strive to offer the best possible education.

Our Future Campus
Following the needs for a bigger location to accommodate our students, we will be moving to a new campus in 2024.
Located in the bustling district of West Jakarta, our new campus offers students a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond conventional learning. With our strategic location near large shopping malls, easy access to public transportation, nearby hospitals, and more, we aim to provide a well-rounded college experience.
Our campus is thoughtfully designed to blend aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency, creating a welcoming environment where learning is enjoyable and comfortable. We want you to not only excel academically but also feel at home during your educational journey with us.