Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

At Jakarta International College, students have access to a wide range of academic and entertainment facilities.


JIC Library is equipped with business related magazines, daily national newspapers as well as copies of the prescribed textbooks for each subject to support independent learning and help students familiarize themselves with various media in English language. Students at JIC are also entitled to an exclusive membership of National Ministry of Education Library, one of the best libraries available in Indonesia.

Class Room

To accommodate learning, JIC has various classrooms, starting from larger ones for lectures and presentations to smaller classrooms suitable for group discussions and more personal tutorial sessions, all are equipped with whiteboard, internet-connected computer, multimedia projectors, LCD and audio-video facilities . The normal ratio for lecturer or tutor per students in each class is 1 to 25, giving each student benefit from full attention and comprehensive guidance.

Computer & Internet Access

With more than 25 state of the art computers with access to high speed Internet (WI-FI), JIC students are able to access online resources, conduct internet research and participate in discussion forums on topics related to course materials.

Student Lounge

The lounge is ideal for rest and relaxation between classes and during lunch break. During this time, JIC Students can enjoy their lunch or healthy snacks and drinks which are readily available for them. The student lounge is also fitted with television sets, home theatre equipment, DVD players and also table-tennis for entertainment purposes.