Jakarta International College


Dear JIC Family,

Exciting news for those planning to study in the USA! Western Michigan University (WMU) has upgraded its Global Merit Award for 2024. As a longstanding partner, Jakarta International College (JIC) is delighted to share the fascinating news.

After finishing the American Degree Pathway Program in Jakarta, our students are automatically guaranteed to transfer to WMU and graduate from their degree in the USA. They are also entitled to the New Global Merit Award and could earn a scholarship amounting to a maximum of USD 40,000 for the duration of their study course.

Western Michigan University is renowned for its exceptional support for international students and offers a vibrant social environment. It is known for its dynamic campus life, and the collegiate spirit is truly inspiring. Our Indonesian students have consistently been active and engaged in campus events.


Scholarship Details:

- Value: Up to $10,000 per year (disbursed in two instalments for fall and spring semesters)

- Maximum Duration: Up to eight (8) semesters or until graduation, whichever comes first

- Deadline to Apply: March 1


Eligibility Criteria:

- Initial F-1 or J-1 international undergraduate student applicants admitted for Fall 2024

- Undergraduate degree-seeking students entering WMU for the first time after secondary school or transferring from another post-secondary institution in the Fall 2024 semester. This includes undergraduate degree pathway programs.

- Non-resident international status.

Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.5 out of 4.0


If you are interested in studying in the USA and would like to join Western Michigan University as well, we encourage you to contact our team and join JIC. Simply contact our whatsapp and our team will be there to help you. 

Thank you and see you soon at JIC!