Dear JIC Family,

Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our outstanding students, Aldila Permata. Aldila is currently enrolled in the Diploma of Business Part 2 program at JIC and serves as the founder and CEO of the JIC Business Club.

Aldila comes from SMAN79, a public school located in South Jakarta. In addition to her studies at JIC, Aldila is deeply involved in extracurricular activities. She is the proud owner of her own brand, Gooddil, specializing in homemade bread and desserts, which she established in June 2022 prior to starting college. Aldila also dedicates her time to working as a marketing manager for a property agency based in South Jakarta, a role that undoubtedly presents its challenges for a student.

Managing such a busy schedule requires careful time management, which Aldila has mastered. She diligently oversees her online business, Gooddil, by checking orders daily before and after classes. Her work at the property agency allows for a flexible schedule, typically involving office visits after her college sessions. Additionally, she ensures the smooth operation of the Business Club, holding meetings every Wednesday afternoon after her classes.

In our conversation with Aldila, we learned about her notable achievements, including her acceptance to Monash University in 2023 and her participation in the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative (HUFPI) in 2022, where she and her team received the Best Capstone Group award. Despite facing tough competition from students worldwide, Aldila's dedication and perseverance shone through.

Reflecting on her time at JIC, Aldila acknowledged the initial challenges of transitioning from a public school to a more diverse learning environment. However, she credits the supportive faculty and staff at JIC for helping her overcome these obstacles. She chose JIC as her pathway to Monash University, recognizing the value it provided in adapting to the curriculum and saving on tuition fees.

Looking ahead, Aldila plans to pursue Marketing at Monash University Malaysia, aspiring to work for a multinational firm upon graduation to gain valuable experience in managing large-scale operations. She also envisions pursuing a master's degree and eventually opening an offline store for her brand, Gooddil.

In offering advice to fellow students planning to study abroad, Aldila emphasizes the importance of physical, emotional, and mental preparation. She stresses the significance of staying organized, dedicating ample time to studying and building a strong network of friends.

We cannot express enough how proud we are of Aldila's accomplishments and her dedication to her studies and entrepreneurial pursuits. Her contributions to JIC have been invaluable, and we wish her continued success in all her future endeavours.

Thank you, Aldila, for inspiring us with your passion and commitment. We look forward to seeing your continued growth and success at JIC and beyond.

Warm regards,