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We recently had the pleasure of conversing with Mrs. Meilany Fahriantiny, a parent who has had a unique experience with Jakarta International College (JIC) as both her son, Muhammad Keytora Alifadil, and daughter, Keatara Khumaira, have been students here.

Muhammad Keytora, who we fondly call Keytora or Key, commenced his journey at JIC through the Monash University Foundation Year program. Coming from an International Baccalaureate (IB) school background, he transitioned seamlessly into the Diploma of IT Part 2 program at JIC before transferring to Monash University Clayton Campus. Alongside his academic pursuits, Keytora excelled as a student ambassador and showcased his talents as a competitive swimmer at provincial, national, and international levels.

Similarly, Keatara, following in her brother's footsteps, is currently enrolled in the Monash University Foundation Year program at JIC. Also originating from an IB school, she aspires to transfer to the University of Melbourne to pursue a science degree.

Mrs. Meilany shared that despite the initial consideration of sending both her children to the same university, she respected their individual aspirations. She appreciates JIC's support in facilitating her children's academic journey, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and assistance for university applications and transfers.

The decision to choose JIC was influenced by the fast-track program, which allows students to accelerate their university education and directly enter the second year upon completing their studies at JIC. Additionally, Monash University's renowned IT program aligned with Keytora's interests, making JIC the ideal choice financially and in terms of timeframe.

Keatara, initially having different plans for her studies, ultimately followed her brother's path, recognizing JIC as the best pathway program for her educational goals. Mrs. Meilany also praised JIC's support in facilitating university transfers and commended the Parent and Teacher Meetings held every semester for providing valuable insights into her children's progress.

In conclusion, Mrs. Meilany expressed gratitude for JIC's supportive staff and the institution's commitment to maintaining high standards in assisting both parents and students. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Meilany for her time and confidence in JIC, and we wish her family continued success.

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