Jakarta International College

Dear JIC Family,

We are thrilled to introduce the vibrant and talented new generation of our Pi Kappa Delta Debate team. For those unfamiliar, Pi Kappa Delta is a prestigious Forensics Honor Society that has been a cornerstone for undergraduate university students and a guiding light for professional speech and debate coaches since its inception in Pennsylvania in 1913. Remarkably, JIC stands as the sole chapter of Pi Kappa Delta in Jakarta and across Indonesia, a testament to our dedication to fostering excellence in speech and debate.

At the helm of our Debate team, we have students leading students, crafting an environment of learning and growth that extends beyond the confines of our campus. Our team has orchestrated successful competitions not only within Jakarta but also on a broader scale, reaching students far and wide. Our most recent competition, held in February 2023, showcased the prowess and dedication of our debaters, setting the stage for the upcoming competition slated for the middle of 2024.

With the departure of our former president, Sean Hartono, after graduation, we proudly pass the baton of leadership to Rebecca Ferren, a dynamic and accomplished Diploma of Arts part 2 student. Ferren not only boasts a wealth of experience in debate but has also left her mark on various competitions, including the esteemed World Scholar’s Cup hosted by Yale University. This international academic program draws over 15,000 students from across 65 countries annually, and Ferren's participation, spanning three years and culminating in the Global round, reflects her dedication and caliber as a debater.

Joining Ferren are other outstanding scholars, hailing from diverse backgrounds within our Australian Degree Program and American Degree Program, including former World Scholar’s Cup participants and literature enthusiasts. Their collective passion for debate and intellectual rigor fuels our team's pursuit of excellence.

As we welcome this new cohort of talented individuals into our fold, we eagerly anticipate the heights they will reach and the milestones they will achieve. Here's to the continued success and growth of our Pi Kappa Delta Debate Team!

Stay tuned for more updates,