Started in 2002, we start with only 7 students, fast forward to 17 years later, we are now have grown so much that we are confident to have our own building where knowledge is shared, ideas is formed, integrity is uphold and family is made. 

Special thanks to our partners Monash College and Western Michigan University.
To our supporting agents partner who have been with us through the time.
To our beloved students and parents who have trusted us so much that you chose us to be a part of educating you and your child respectively as the future generations.
To the ones who have joined JIC recently but share the same passion, commitment and trust to JIC.
And lastly to the very special founding members of JIC and the people who have been a part of JIC from the very beginning to this day on.

The moment we are all waiting for is finally here people! 
We are proudly announce to you that we will have a ground breaking event at 11 July 2019. 
It is in our company culture to value our people and we are so glad that we are all in this together to step and mark the history together.