Jakarta International College

Dear JIC Family


Monday, May 1st 2023, was the graduation day at our university partner, Western Michigan University. We are happy to tell you that some of our JIC alums have also successfully graduated on that day.

The students who graduated on Sunday also graduated with brilliant achievements, such as achieving Summa Cum Laude and as part of reputable student organizations in Michigan. Their success will forever be a pride of our campus, and we are always grateful to see them thriving and achieving success at a young age.


One of our talent ambassadors, Beby Tsabina, also graduated Summa Cum Laude on Sunday, an achievement we can always be proud of. Beby Tsabina first joined JIC in 2020, she took the JIC’s 3+1 program, where she studied for 3 academic years (24 months) in Jakarta and 1 year at Western Michigan University.

The journey to graduation was not easy as they had to work on their school projects and assignments and work on their projects outside of school. Even during her time in the USA, Beby would always find opportunities to learn and expand her experience, making the most of her time in college. The dedication and discipline she showed in reaching her dream never fail to amaze us. She taught us that it is possible to fulfil your dream while pursuing education at the same time, and we believe that she will become the perfect role model for young people of their age.



We would like to congratulate Beby Tsabina as well as all the graduates and the parents who have relentlessly supported them in their pursuit of education. We believe this is the beginning of your success journey, and the best is yet to come. Best of luck in your future endeavour, and see you again at JIC soon.