Movies are among the most beloved forms of entertainment and constitute one of the largest industries worldwide. Many iconic films have been shot on campuses across the USA. As Hollywood leads the film industry, it's no wonder that numerous movies have chosen educational institutions as their backdrop. Here are some notable examples:


 Legally Blonde: University of Southern California (USC) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

In this beloved comedy, despite the storyline centering around Harvard Law School, much of the filming actually occurred at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Interestingly, the exterior shots of Harvard depicted in this movie were filmed at USC instead of Harvard.


Pitch Perfect: Louisiana State University (LSU)

This musical comedy took the world by storm, bringing acapella music to newfound popularity. Shot mainly at Louisiana State University (LSU), it has become a cherished favorite among audiences.


The Social Network: Harvard University

Given that the movie revolves around Mark Zuckerberg, who attended Harvard, it's unsurprising that parts of this true-life drama about Facebook's beginnings were filmed at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Good Will Hunting (1997): Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This well-regarded drama follows the story of a janitor with extraordinary math skills, starring Matt Damon and the late Robin Williams. Filming took place at various locations on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


With the numerous universities in the USA boasting beautiful campuses and expansive areas, campuses will always be a great option for movie shootings. And if you study in the USA, you might also experience campuses just like your favorite characters in the movies did. For those considering studying in the USA, our American Degree program offers an enticing opportunity. Spend up to three years in Jakarta and complete your final year in the USA. It's a smart choice to save both time and money on your education.