Dear JIC Family

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our outstanding students, Sean Matthew Hartono, who also served as the President of the Pi Kappa Delta Debate Club. Sean embarked on his academic journey with us through the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) Program before advancing to the Monash Diploma of Arts Program, where he specialized in Sociology. He has now safely transferred to Monash University Melbourne to major in International Relations.

Sean has distinguished himself not only academically but also in various debate and speech competitions, particularly in Model United Nations events both locally and internationally. His achievements include securing awards at prestigious competitions such as the Princeton Debate Competition and the High School MUN competition at Universitas Indonesia. Additionally, he earned recognition for his outstanding performance at Harvard University's competition and triumphed in the By Law Court Competition organized by the International Court of Justice Committee in which he had to face other participants including law students and students from other countries. 

When asked about his passion for debate, Sean shared that he enjoys the art of argumentation and the opportunity to articulate his viewpoints, which are common traits among debate enthusiasts. He also emphasized how engaging in debates has enhanced his skills and prepared him for his chosen field of study, International Relations.

In terms of time management, Sean acknowledged the initial challenges of balancing his academic responsibilities with extracurricular commitments. However, his time at JIC has provided him with the tools to gradually improve his time management skills, allowing him to effectively juggle his studies, debate competitions, and other interests.

Reflecting on his experience at JIC, Sean expressed gratitude for the freedom he had to explore his academic interests. He found the depth of knowledge offered by JIC to be enriching and engaging, aligning perfectly with his academic aspirations.

Looking ahead, Sean shared his ambition to work for the United Nations or similar organizations. He believes that his experiences in Model UN competitions have equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in such roles.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sean for his time with us at JIC and wish him all the best as he pursues his studies in International Relations at Monash University Melbourne, Australia and endeavors to achieve his dream career. Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned for our next update.

Best regards,

Dear JIC Family,

Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our outstanding students, Aldila Permata. Aldila is currently enrolled in the Diploma of Business Part 2 program at JIC and serves as the founder and CEO of the JIC Business Club.

Aldila comes from SMAN79, a public school located in South Jakarta. In addition to her studies at JIC, Aldila is deeply involved in extracurricular activities. She is the proud owner of her own brand, Gooddil, specializing in homemade bread and desserts, which she established in June 2022 prior to starting college. Aldila also dedicates her time to working as a marketing manager for a property agency based in South Jakarta, a role that undoubtedly presents its challenges for a student.

Managing such a busy schedule requires careful time management, which Aldila has mastered. She diligently oversees her online business, Gooddil, by checking orders daily before and after classes. Her work at the property agency allows for a flexible schedule, typically involving office visits after her college sessions. Additionally, she ensures the smooth operation of the Business Club, holding meetings every Wednesday afternoon after her classes.

In our conversation with Aldila, we learned about her notable achievements, including her acceptance to Monash University in 2023 and her participation in the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative (HUFPI) in 2022, where she and her team received the Best Capstone Group award. Despite facing tough competition from students worldwide, Aldila's dedication and perseverance shone through.

Reflecting on her time at JIC, Aldila acknowledged the initial challenges of transitioning from a public school to a more diverse learning environment. However, she credits the supportive faculty and staff at JIC for helping her overcome these obstacles. She chose JIC as her pathway to Monash University, recognizing the value it provided in adapting to the curriculum and saving on tuition fees.

Looking ahead, Aldila plans to pursue Marketing at Monash University Malaysia, aspiring to work for a multinational firm upon graduation to gain valuable experience in managing large-scale operations. She also envisions pursuing a master's degree and eventually opening an offline store for her brand, Gooddil.

In offering advice to fellow students planning to study abroad, Aldila emphasizes the importance of physical, emotional, and mental preparation. She stresses the significance of staying organized, dedicating ample time to studying and building a strong network of friends.

We cannot express enough how proud we are of Aldila's accomplishments and her dedication to her studies and entrepreneurial pursuits. Her contributions to JIC have been invaluable, and we wish her continued success in all her future endeavours.

Thank you, Aldila, for inspiring us with your passion and commitment. We look forward to seeing your continued growth and success at JIC and beyond.

Warm regards,

Dear JIC Family,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest talent ambassador, Callista Arum. Currently enrolled in the WMU program at Jakarta International College (JIC), Callista is a student who exemplifies extraordinary dedication and versatility. Alongside her academic pursuits, Callista is making significant strides in the world of acting. In this exclusive interview, Callista shares insights into her journey of managing both her academic and professional aspirations.


In addition to her studies, Callista is deeply passionate about acting. She finds the profession exhilarating because it offers a diverse array of challenges and experiences, making each day in the acting world unique and exciting.

We understand the challenges Callista faces in balancing her university commitments with her acting career. Callista explains that careful planning is key to managing her time effectively. She often has to decline project offers, particularly movies, when she has ongoing TV series commitments to honour her obligations to her current production house.

Beyond her acting pursuits, Callista has achieved remarkable success in both non-educational and educational competitions. Notably, she has earned gold and silver medals in international gymnastics meets, as well as multiple gold medals in speech and news anchor competitions at the city level.

Despite the initial culture shock of transitioning to an international-based school, studying at JIC has been an enriching experience for Callista. She values the supportive environment created by her friends and teachers, which has helped her navigate the challenges of academic and personal growth.

Looking ahead, Callista plans to continue her education at WMU after graduating from JIC while pursuing her acting career. She also dreams of venturing into entrepreneurship, leveraging the connections she has cultivated during her university journey.

For students considering studying abroad, Callista offers words of encouragement. She advises them to pursue their dreams with dedication, emphasizing the importance of remaining optimistic about the future.

Callista Arum's story serves as a testament to the power of dedication and passion in achieving success. As she continues her journey, Callista inspires others to pursue their passions and embrace the opportunities that come their way.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Callista for sharing her story with us, and we wish her continued success in both her academic and professional endeavors. We have no doubt that she will reach even greater heights in the future.

Warm regards,

Introducing JIC Sports Leader

Dear JIC Family,

We are excited to inform you about the sports activities facilitated for students at JIC. Our aim is to continuously nurture their potential and help them achieve remarkable feats in the field of sports. This is made possible through the JIC Sports Committee, a platform that brings together students who share a passion for sports. The JIC Sports Committee encompasses various sports branches, many of which participated in the JIC Cup Eternals 2023 held earlier in August. The sports featured in the event included basketball, football, badminton, and table tennis.

Within each of these sports, a dedicated leader takes charge, assisting JIC in organizing weekly training sessions and coordinating matches with other schools. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the heads of the JIC Sports Committee:

  • Cyril Benedict Lie: Leader of the JIC Sports Committee
  • Nathaniel Iskandar: Leader of JIC Basketball
  • Welsens Christiano Handoko: Leader of JIC Soccer
  • Hagen Yovando: Leader of JIC Table Tennis
  • Muhammad Naufal Ikhsan: Leader of JIC Badminton

We are alo thrilled to share a recent exciting achievement – Welsens Handoko successfully led his team to victory in the JIC Cup against Bunda Mulia School on August 11, 2023.

With this accomplishment in mind, we want to extend an invitation: are any of you interested in taking up the role of chairman for these sports branches in the upcoming term?



Best regards,