With the COVID-19 pandemic that we are in now, you may wonder what kind of jobs will be most in-demand currently and in the future.

  1. Biomedicine or Pharmaceutical Science

    Biomedicine and pharmaceuticals are always on demand, and when the pandemic hits, all government supports around the world is on this field currently to create vaccine and cure for COVID-19. However, even without the pandemic, this field will always be on-demand as there are still illnesses which cure has not been found yet, such as cancer, HIV etc.

  2. Robotics

    As exposed as they already are, a lot of hospitals are trying to effectively use doctors, nurses and volunteers for the most necessary and required assistance cases. It is also in our knowledge that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or what we call APD is expensive and limited. Therefore some actions, such as checking up the temperature or delivering medicines is now done by robots.

  3. Information Technology

    Our world is changing in a matter of days after the pandemic break. Physical meetings suddenly shift to online discussions. Schools, gymnastic and other things are all conducted online. Due to this, people are all shifting, and there is a need for people to be more tech-savvy and programs to be made to suit everyone’s business better with more security provided.

  4. Business

    Business people in accounting, marketing, finance are still needed, as business always need these people to operate. Companies will always in need to have a marketer to put products in the market, need an accountant to record, count and pay taxes among other things, big companies need financier to count risk and to be smart in seeing opportunities to invest.

JIC is in partnership with Western Michigan University – WMU (top 250 National ranking US universities) and Monash University – MU that leads programs to cater all these most ‘IN’ demand jobs and you can start your degree now in our Jakarta or Surabaya campus. After a few semesters with JIC, you will have a guaranteed* transfer to WMU or MU. Not only you do not need to worry about close borders and worry about travelling, but JIC tuition fee is also paid in Indonesian Rupiah, so you do not have to worry about dollar fluctuations.

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