Congratulations! You have successfully made your pathway to one of the top leading universities in the world. Even better, your dream of living abroad has finally become reality! However, this creates one problem. Have a guest? Bills!


For many, college is when we start to live and take care of ourselves, and in practice, it is not an easy task. The bill for one time grocery expense adds up so quickly by filling the needs into the cart. Your favorite foods at the restaurant look overpriced. The professor told the class to get a pricey textbook. Many of us end up checking bank savings on the phone every single day feeling anxious. If you are one of them, don’t worry, you are not alone, and this is why we are here to share some of the tips for you to save money as an international student without blowing up your bank savings. 


  1. New textbooks are not necessary
    Every college student needs a textbook for lectures, but buying a completely new book is not necessary, and in fact, it is highly overpriced for college students like us. Instead of getting the shiny new textbook, why not get a used textbook online for half or even more of the price online! Is there any other way to get a textbook cheaply? Ask your seniors who already completed the semester. 

  2. Cook your own foods
    Yes, it was quite normal and fun to go out with families and friends to have lunch or dinner in the restaurants. However, doing the same activities abroad can be challenging because if you open up the menu, for sure that many will say “doesn’t make sense” with the price tagged, but since it is how it is in the area that you are staying, why not learn to cook your own meal! Oh, and in fact, it is a healthier choice for you to plan and cook your own meal! 

  3. Bring your ID card everywhere
    Being an international or college student doesn’t always mean that you pay the same amount of bills. Many places such as cafe’s, clothing stores, fitness centers, and public transportation offer special prices for students and all you have to do is show your student ID card and register yourself as a student in some cases.  It’s not a hard reminder, so don’t forget to bring it with you wherever you go! 

  4. Be mindful about your data usage
    What do you do in your spare time, commuting and any other time when you don’t really have things to do? If your answer is scrolling through phones or calling friends and families, be alert with the data usage on your carrier because it will charge you a lot! The best way to manage your carrier bills is by setting your carrier to a subscription service where you get a decent amount of data for you to entertain with lower fees!

  5. Use the campus amenities
    Many campuses provide most amenities that you need, such as fitness centers, soccer fields, swimming pools and many more! It also provides special care for college students who need advice or additional support such as improving grades or even boosting it, essay writing strategies and many more! So, why spend your own money on services offered for free!