Jakarta International College

Dear JIC Family,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest talent ambassador, Callista Arum. Currently enrolled in the WMU program at Jakarta International College (JIC), Callista is a student who exemplifies extraordinary dedication and versatility. Alongside her academic pursuits, Callista is making significant strides in the world of acting. In this exclusive interview, Callista shares insights into her journey of managing both her academic and professional aspirations.


In addition to her studies, Callista is deeply passionate about acting. She finds the profession exhilarating because it offers a diverse array of challenges and experiences, making each day in the acting world unique and exciting.

We understand the challenges Callista faces in balancing her university commitments with her acting career. Callista explains that careful planning is key to managing her time effectively. She often has to decline project offers, particularly movies, when she has ongoing TV series commitments to honour her obligations to her current production house.

Beyond her acting pursuits, Callista has achieved remarkable success in both non-educational and educational competitions. Notably, she has earned gold and silver medals in international gymnastics meets, as well as multiple gold medals in speech and news anchor competitions at the city level.

Despite the initial culture shock of transitioning to an international-based school, studying at JIC has been an enriching experience for Callista. She values the supportive environment created by her friends and teachers, which has helped her navigate the challenges of academic and personal growth.

Looking ahead, Callista plans to continue her education at WMU after graduating from JIC while pursuing her acting career. She also dreams of venturing into entrepreneurship, leveraging the connections she has cultivated during her university journey.

For students considering studying abroad, Callista offers words of encouragement. She advises them to pursue their dreams with dedication, emphasizing the importance of remaining optimistic about the future.

Callista Arum's story serves as a testament to the power of dedication and passion in achieving success. As she continues her journey, Callista inspires others to pursue their passions and embrace the opportunities that come their way.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Callista for sharing her story with us, and we wish her continued success in both her academic and professional endeavors. We have no doubt that she will reach even greater heights in the future.

Warm regards,