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Corona Virus or COVID-19 has made many changes in our life, and being locked down inside our own houses is one of them.

Since COVID-19 spreads quickly through droplets and direct contact, we are encouraged not to go to public places or gather in a group. With little to nothing to do in our leisure time, many people are experiencing boredom during this pandemic. Since having this much free time at home is a rare occasion, why not fill it by learning new things? That's why today we will suggest some of the skills you can learn during the pandemic.


  • Cooking

    The pandemic is the perfect time to brush up your cooking skill! Try to start small, like making an omelet before gradually making more complicated dishes. If you have never made a simple dish before, chances are you're not going to make a ratatouille anytime soon. 
    Homemade food is also healthier, and you can customize your dish to suit your taste. No one is going to judge if you put pineapples on your homemade pizza. Plus, cooking is a skill that is sure to impress your friends and family.

  • Mechanical

    Learning mechanical can be a massive advantage in your life. Try to build up your skills by doing small things like making a small light bulb system or fixing your old toys. If you have good enough skills, you will be able to repair your items when you break them.

  • Arts

    Time to get creative. Get a sketchbook and pencils, canvases and paints, shirts and dyes, glitters and glue, or whatever you want to channel your art. Studies have proven that art is one of the most relaxing forms of leisure activities. Through art, you can also express yourself in ways that words can't.

  • Music

    Time to impress everyone. Learning music is one of the best ways to impress someone, and you will have more than plenty of time to  learn them during this pandemic. Whether it is a small ukulele, guitar, or even a simple instrument like a recorder, learning music is fun. You can also try making music covers of songs you love, upload them to YouTube, and share them to your friends.

  • Public Speaking

    Did you know that public speaking is one of the essential skills to have in the workplace? From the daily conversations, job interviews, and giving speeches on a large stage, learning Public speaking will help you in many ways. Public speaking is also a skill that you can build more quickly compared to other skills. You can start training your public speaking skill by standing in front of your mirror and talking to your reflection.

  • Photography, videography, and editing

    Contrary to popular beliefs, training your photography, videography, and editing skills do not have to be expensive. If you have a laptop, a camera, or a smartphone with a camera, then you are most likely set to learn this skill. There are also many applications out there that makes photo and video editing much more accessible. With this skill, you can also upgrade the quality of photos and videos you upload to social media and impress all your friends.

  • Self Defense and martial arts

    If you are the type who loves physical activities, then you might want to learn self-defense and martial arts. Martial arts and self-defense skills are quite handy as it not only make you healthier but also gives you a sense of safety and security. Like all skills, you need to start small with this skill, don't try to make any big moves because you will risk yourself getting hurt in the process. We also suggest you find professional classes online so you can learn the skills safely and adequately.

Those are some skills that you can learn during this pandemic. They are skills that you could learn at home without risking yourself by going out and meeting people. We suggest you make use of all online technologies available around you like Youtube videos, online deliveries, virtual classes, and many more. By learning new skills, you can say goodbye to boredom and even improve yourself in the process, but remember that  you need to balance between your studies and interest to be a high achiever.

The pandemic might have affected many aspects in our life, but it should never stop us from reaching our dreams. Which is why if you planned to study abroad but is still unsure due to the pandemic, you could consider starting your degree with JIC. By starting your degree in JIC, you can study in Jakarta or Surabaya for up to 2 years and transfer to your destination country for your second and even last year of university.

Never let this pandemic stop you from reaching your dreams. Thank you and see you in the next article.