Hello Everyone! 

Today, we received a special session with Western Michigan University's faculty members through Zoom meetings. The event was held to give more knowledge to the students regarding the programs and curriculum taught at Western Michigan University, as well as to give students a sneak peek at what learning at WMU is like. 

The attending faculty members are as follows: 

  • Associate Provost, Paulo Zagalo-Melo
  • Dean and professor of Western Michigan University, Steven Butt
  • Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, Stephen Newell (Steve)
  • Associate Dean, Dr. James P. Cousins

The event was successfully conducted online and we are more than happy to report that students were enthusiastic all throughout the event. 


We would also like to thank all the faculty members who have contributed precious insights to our students; we wish you all the best in your endeavours and look forward to seeing you again.