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Have you ever heard of Biochemistry? As the name states, it is a combination of Biology and Chemistry. It is a study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms, or to put it simply; it is a study that learns of the very foundation of life itself. Biochemistry helps people understand topics as diverse as disease, genetics, evolution, and DNA. Inside each living thing, there is a mechanism that allows them to function correctly, and beneath that mechanism, too small for our eyes to see is chemical reactions that form them. Students who major in biochemistry are expected to understand living beings in a different way.

Biochemistry is generally divided into three fields. The first one is structural biology which studies molecular structure of biological macromolecules. Then there is Enzymology which studies the properties, activity, and significance of enzymes. And lastly there is metabolism which studies life-sustaining chemical reactions in organisms.

Through Biochemistry, we can create safe synthetic drugs, help forensic teams solve crimes, allows the development of agriculture and food, and much more. Although it is sometimes overshadowed with many other science majors like engineering and medicine, the study of Biochemistry is getting increasingly crucial in our life. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the world needs more biochemists as they are the ones involved in researching for medicines and vaccines.

Becoming a Biochemistry student is not an easy task; there are a few things we recommend you to have to excel in it. A biochemistry student must possess strong skills in chemistry, mathematics, biology, and physics. The major also required you to have excellent writing and verbal skills since you will be writing a lot of research papers. Good public speaking skills could also be handy because you will be presenting your work to your peers and the general public sometimes.

With a Biochemistry degree, there are a lot of professions that you can take, including Academic researcher, Analytical chemist, Biomedical scientist, Biotechnologist, Forensic scientist, Medicinal chemist, Nanotechnologist, Pharmacologist, and many more.

Biochemistry is vital in the development of the world; they are involved in many medical advancements and are the ones that might one day find the cure and vaccine for COVID-19 or other illnesses like cancer. If you think Biochemistry is the right major for you, then you might want to check out our Foundation Year program and get the chance to enroll in Monash University, a world's top 100 University with one of the best biochemistry program in Australia.
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