Jakarta International College

Hello everyone!


Today, November 13th 2021, we have received a sharing session by our alumni, Adelia Setiadi, who is currently working at a multinational company in Jakarta. During the event, Adelia shared many of her workplace experiences and how learning business has helped her in her work. The students who attended were also given insights on beginning their careers and finding work after graduation.

In the event, Adelia also shared how digitalization has affected her work and how to apply the knowledge she gained during college to face the incoming digitalization.

One of our senior students also helped share his experience in studying while doing an internship and how studying business with JIC has helped him get an internship offer.

We believe this event could help students give the insights and inspiration they need to strive more in the field of business and we are thankful for the success our students have gained in their workplace. 


Our thanks go to Adelia and all the students who attended the event. We hope for their success in their career, studies, and future endeavours.