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 Dear JIC Family,


This time, we have an insight into what learning data science is like from Timothy Gunawan, a former JIC student currently a senior at Western Michigan University.


Timothy started his bachelor's degree with JIC's 1+3 program, in which he took one year in Jakarta before transferring to Western Michigan University as a second-year (sophomore). Timothy is also a brilliant student who achieved a GPA of 4 during his two semesters at JIC.


When asked what learning data science is like, Timothy answered that data science is a combination of statistics and computer science. The major is perfect for students who love analyzing, programming, and working with data.


Learning data science also opened up a lot of opportunities for Timothy. He was able to take an internship with a local credit union in Kalamazoo. The internship not only gave Timothy a hands-on learning experience but also offered a good pay of $3,000 a month.


As of now, Timothy is looking forward to his next internship at a financial asset management company which will begin in October.


We want to thank Timothy for the insights he gave us and wish him all the best in his studies and career.


If you are planning to study data science like Timothy, you might consider taking JIC's 3+1 program. Starting in 2022, JIC has added a data science stream as a part of our 3+1 program. Now, you can study in Jakarta for 24 months before transferring to Western Michigan University and studying there for one year.

So don't hesitate to contact JIC and find out more.


Watch the full video here; https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cj-OqkBPget/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=