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Technology plays a significant part in our lives for the past few years, however, since early of 2020, people are relying heavily upon technology for the continuation of their everyday life. Meetings and works are now conducted through online discussions, while even weddings and birthdays are done online as well. The effects of these changes could be also be significantly felt in the education sector.


While we all feel a partial lost on human connections, we all need to survive if not thrive with the situation that we have right now. So in today's article, Jakarta International College (JIC) would like to give you tips on how you can stay on top of your performance in this new world.


1. Internet connection 

Let's go straight to the point. Without a good internet connection, online classes can be frustrating, and it almost feels like we are absent from the class. Even though our lecturer or tutor knows that we are there, without a good internet connection, we can't hear what is discussed. Since online learning enables us to save up on transportation fee, we suggest upgrading your internet connection for a better learning experience.


2. Do your routines before going to in-class learning

In the era before the pandemic, you will take a bath, do your make up, and wear nice clothes before you go to school/campus. Don't stop your routine just because you are at home. Because after all, feeling fresh is the key to absorb all information that the lecturers share with you.


3. Don't break what you usually do not do inside the class

Remember when you were in a classroom, and it was impossible to have a bowl of meatballs or chicken noodle or any foods inside the course? Well, let's keep it that way. We still need to respect the class, the lecturer or tutor, and also your friends.


4. Hybrid class

If your school is doing a hybrid class like what we do here in JIC, following our partner universities in USA and Australia, then you are in luck because you can book your time with your lecturer or tutor. Of course, JIC has a strict health protocol that you need to follow inside the campus and only a maximum of 30% of the students who can book the time slot in a day. Still, it is undoubtedly helpful to have these options when you have assignments or exams coming up, and you need a face to face discussion with your teacher.




Right now, our thoughts are with the students who just started their classes from universities abroad and have to follow the local time at which they are studying. We know some students may have to start at midnight and finishes at three in the morning. With the current pandemic still going and some countries' borders still being closed, it is inevitable. However, JIC has a solution for you to consider. JIC offers pathway programs to USA, UK, Australia, China and Malaysia degree. With our program, you can start your bachelor degree in Jakarta and do your first and even up to your third year of University before transferring to the second or fourth year of University abroad when the situation is better.

Currently, JIC is in affiliations with:
California State University - Los Angeles
University of San Francisco
Washington State University
Western Michigan University

Monash University
University of Western Australia

Durham University
University of Birmingham
University of Liverpool
Newcastle University

Xi An Jiao Tong Liverpool University
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