Jakarta International College

It’s January and for most students, January is a good time to try and consider which college or university you should go to. Today, JIC will give you tips on what to consider when choosing a college or university. Let’s begin!


Available Majors

Did you know that most students are set on a major they want before they even begin to consider which university to enroll in? Try to check the university’s website or course guide to see if they have the major you want.


Academic Ranking

Graduating from a higher-ranked university will give you a higher rating score in the eyes of your future employers. Some universities like Monash University and Durham University are also ranked top 100 in the world, so graduating from them would give you a better push when you’re entering the workforce.


All the costs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a college or university is the cost. Tuition fee is not the only thing you need to consider as other costs like transportation cost, meals, books, and other costs are bound to incur during your time in university. Make sure to talk with your parents before you make your choice.



Location plays a big role in your university life. There are many things to consider like the distance to the nearest airport, the climate, the weather, transportation modes, etc. If you’re even in doubt, we also suggest studying in renowned student cities like Melbourne and London as they are reputable as student-friendly cities.


Facilities and Amenities

When you enroll in a university, you are guaranteed to spend most of your time there, or even live there. So make sure you check the facilities available in the campus area to ensure that you will get the best support for your university life.


Career Service

Finding a job after graduating from university is crucial for most students. Choosing a university with a good career service will make a huge difference for you when you enter the workforce.


Organizations and activities

The connections that you make in college will probably last for the rest of your life, and one of the ways to make friends and connections is by joining campus organizations and activities. If you are planning to study abroad, having friends that could go together with you is also a plus point as you can help each other during your time away from your parents.


These are some things you need to consider when choosing a university. When in doubt, remember that you can always ask around for more information. Feel free to contact JIC if you are considering studying abroad and need more insights on which program you should choose