Double Degree Program


Choosing where you will complete your college education is one of the most important
decisions of your life. The United States has one of the finest higher education systems
in the world and students following American pathway are assured of top-quality
programs with a unique, comprehensive approach aim to develop leaders
for next generation.

Join Degree Program

The Join Degree program in JIC falls under the business stream, allowing you to get both Bachelor degree from Western Michigan University (USA) and S1 degree from JIC School of Business (Indonesia).

Why Join Degree Program?

Dual title within 1 study program

Upon completing the program you will be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from Western Michigan University and Sarjana Ekonomi (S.E.) title from JIC School of Business (Indonesia).

Faster Completion

In the join degree program you will be studying your Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Year only within 24 months in Jakarta, Indonesia, and spend only 1 year studying at Western Michigan University to obtain the 2 degrees.

Smart saving on Money and time

Save up your time, living costs, and tuition fees abroad by beginning your study in Indonesia. Allocate the money and time for your further studies abroad or your future endeavors. Now, that is smart.