Choosing where you will complete your college education is one of the most important
decisions of your life. The United States has one of the finest higher education systems
in the world and students following American pathway are assured of top-quality
programs with a unique, comprehensive approach aim to develop leaders
for next generation.

Dieteher H. Haenicke Scholarship

No additional application necessary! All first-time freshman and transfer students are automatically considered upon application.

Criterion for Selection

1. Must be admissible to WMU.
2. Transfer from Pathway to American Degree Program at Jakarta International College
3. Undergraduate, degree-seeking international student entering WMU for the first time.

*Note: Students receiving government sponsorships are not eligible. The scholarship offer starts from Fall 2020.

Criterion for Renewal

1. Maintain a cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher.
2. Continue to enroll at WMU as a full-time student (minimum of 12 credits each semester).
3. Successfully complete a minimum of 24 credit hours each academic year.
4. Remain a non-Michigan resident and international student.
5. Renewable up to 8 consecutive semesters.