Monash College Diploma

Monash College Diploma Program

Successful completion of Monash College Diploma Program in Jakarta
will enable you to gain direct entry into 2nd year Monash University of selected degrees
in the Faculties of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Faculty of IT
and graduate in the shortest time possible.

Monash College Diploma Program Entry Points

Intake Tri 1 - February | Tri 2 - June | Tri 3- October

Students may enter the College Program at either Part 1 or Part 2, depending on their highest education qualification and results.
Diploma Part 1 (Duration 8 Months)
The Monash College Diploma Program Part 1 is for students with qualifications equivalent to Year 11 or students who have completed IGCSE. After satisfactory completion of Diploma Part 1, students can enter Diploma Part 2 or enter 1st year directly at Monash University.
College Part 2 (Duration 8 Months)

Why Monash College Diploma Program?

The Monash College Diploma program provides a stable and friendly environment for students adapting to a foreign curriculum and culture. it also helps shape their mindset to a better life at university.


Fast track to Monash University

You can start your diploma immediately upon completion of IGCSE exams or Year 11. Moreover, you will be able to complete your first year in eight months instead of the usual one year duration. Successfully completing your Diploma Part 2 with the required score and meeting the entry requirements guarantees you entry into second year of related Monash University degrees.


Guaranteed Entry

Once you complete your College Degree and achieve university minimum requirement, you are guaranteed a place at the 2nd year of your chosen Degree.


Specialist Course

Monash College is designed for the student who wishes to study a specific Monash University course – Business/Commerce, Communication, Journalism, IT, Computer Science, Engineering or others.


Solid Preparation

Monash College offers a supportive environment, dedicated teaching and supportive staff who will guide you each step of the way, helping you to achieve your academic potential.


Smart Saving

By studying your first year in Indonesia, you will have the opportunity to save on tuition and living cost.


Flexible Transfer

Upon completion of your diploma, you may choose to transfer to Monash University in Australia or Malaysia.

Area of Study


Choose the business or commerce option depending on your preferred Monash degree.


Pursue a career in media, journalism, psychology, writing, filming and much more.

Information Technology

Gain access computer science or IT degrees with the Diploma of Information Technology.