Diploma of Arts

The Diploma of Arts teaches you about the powerful nature of communication skills to pursue a career in media, journalism, psychology, writing, filming and much more.

Cricos: 061625F

If you are interested in becoming a journalist, publisher, public relations manager, diplomat, screenwriter, author or foreign affairs expert; the Diploma of Arts is the pathway to a Monash Arts Degree. You will be inspired by new ideas, social and political issues, literature, language, history and communication during your learning process.

How the Program Works

Our diplomas are offered in two parts: part 1 and part 2. In part 1, you’ll study core Arts subjects to prepare you for your chosen stream. In part 2, you’ll choose your specialisation and study the same subjects as first‑year University students.

  • Psychology stream – for students who would like to complete a major in psychology or become a psychologist.
  • Sociology stream – for students considering majoring in communication, international relations or media studies.


1. Essays
2. Group projects
3. Presentations
4. Research papers
5. Final exam

Program Details

Important Dates
Course Feb 
Closing Date*
31 Jan 2021 12 June 2021 30 Sep 2021
Orientation & Enrollment 18 Feb 2021 17 June 2021 14 Oct 2021
22 Feb 2021 21 June 2021 18 Oct 2021

*Late Application may be accepted after the deadline on a case by case basis.

Entry Requirements
Course Structure and Subject Units
Destination Degree Requirements
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