Monash Foundation Program

Monash University Foundation Year is a preuniversity program
that prepares students for entry to any Monash University degree
open to international students.

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Monash University Foundation Year

Duration 10 months

The Monash University Foundation Year is one of the important entry requirements to enter Australian University. It has been designed to prepare international students for university study. You can start applying for Foundation Year program after you have completed SMU 2 or SMU 3.

Once you have successfully completed Foundation Year program and achieved the required results, you are guaranteed a place to the first year of Monash University undergraduate program and you can choose from more than 200 undergraduate degrees offered at Monash University. Alternatively, you can use the Foundation Year results to apply to other Australia Universities of your choice.

Why Foundation

Foundation Year program offers you to all variety of intensive, dedicated pathways that we offer at Monash University. When you meet the necessary score and conditions in your preferred faculty, you will be eligible to enter your chosen faculty without any problems. Alternatively, this program also enables you to enter any of your chosen universities across Australia.


Guaranteed Entry

Once you complete your Foundation Year and achieve university minimum requirement, you are guaranteed an entry into Monash University with the course of your choice.


Wide Selection of Course

Completing Foundation Year will allow you to choose more than 200 undergraduate degrees offered at Monash University. So if you are still unsure as to what course to choose, this program is perfect for you.


Solid Preparation

Transition from school to university can be difficulty, especially if it involves another language or culture. That’s why Foundation Year program provides you with solid preparation so that you will be able to start and complete your university degree successfully.


Flexible Destination

Once you complete your Foundation Degree, you can use the Foundation Year certificate to apply to any universities in Australia.

Important Date & Fees

Are you unsure about when to enter the Foundation Year and how your study plan proceeds from there? Please check our application dates and intakes to ensure that you don’t miss out!
Important Dates




Closing Date*

19 Jan 

12 June 2021

Orientation & Enrollment

10 Feb 2021

08 July 2020


15 Feb 2021

12 July 2021

*Late Application may be accepted after the deadline on a case by case basis.

Tuition Fees
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