USA Year 1 - Subject Units

American Degree Program Subject Units

JIC's American Degree Program follows Western Michigan University syllabi, course codes and standards.
Therefore, JIC courses are well recognized and accepted by many US Universities.

Freshman Year Subject Units

BUS1750 Business Enterprise

Course description

This course introduces students to the development and value of business enterprises in society. Students will examine the dynamics of business decisionmaking and demonstrate the ability to identify, describe and apply essential business concepts, theories and practices. The relationships among business activities will be studied to determine their interactions with the economic, political, legal, global and social environments. This course will satisfy the University requirements for General Education, Area 5, Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Course Goals

Upon the completion of this course students will have a foundation in the following areas:

1. History and structure of business and economies

2. Business disciplines of management, marketing, finance and accounting and
    how they work together within an organization

3. Team building and group dynamics

4. Reading and interpreting key financial indicators as they relate to current
    business operations

5. Coordination and improvement through quality and operations management,
    productions processes and information systems

6. Need to respond to changes in the dynamic social, economic, political forces,
    global competition, technological change and other institutions.


Assessment Task


Within semester assessment




CIS1020 Intro to Business Computing
MATH1160 Finite Math with Applications
PHYS1130 General Physics 1
PHYS1140- General Physics 1 Laboratory
HPHE1110 Healthy Living
ENGL1100 Literary Interpretation
REL1000 Religions of the World
ENGL1050 Thought and Writing
GEOG1000 World Ecology Problems & Man