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American Degree Program Subject Units

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Junior Year Subject Units

BUS3750 Business Process Productivity

Course description

This Course examines the impact of core business processes on the efficiency and effectiveness of a firm and its supply chain allies. The techniques of the design, implementation and innovation of process improvement in production and service delivery operations comprise the body of knowledge. This course uses experiential learning to challenge students to apply the techniques of continuous improvement and innovation to production and service processes.

Course Prerequisites: Prerequisites for this course are BUS 2700, STAT 2160 and MGMT 2500.

Course Objective

This course provides a common bridge linking a general understanding of business operations (BUS 1750) and the application of information infrastructure (BUS 2700) to strategic business solutions (BU 4750). After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate business activities as processes

2. Determine the goal and measures for process success

3. Describe the flow of activities in a process

4. Define and implement improvement in process productivity

5. Apply principles in production and service settings

6. Identify causes of variability

Learning Outcomes:

Success of every organizations (i.e., private, public, for profit, non-profit) depend upon its ability to attract and retain customers in the most productive manner. This requires providing customers goods and/or service that yield higher levels of customer satisfaction and greater value than the competition. Creation of goods and/or services requires use of an organization’s processes, which transform given inputs into desired outputs by means of available capital equipment and human resources. These processes constitute the core technologies of organizations for creating value.

This course is concerned with analyzing, planning and controlling these processes with the objective of improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Ever-increasing competition in today’s domestic and global markets creates continuously rising customer expectations regarding the product cost, quality and delivery. In order to gain and sustain a competitive advantage, organizations must continuously improve productivity through improvements aimed at satisfying current and future customer needs, wants and expectations. Some of the techniques used by world-class companies to gain a competitive advantage are Total Management, Sigma Six, Just In Time, Time-based strategies, Supply Chain Integration, Single-Minute-Exchange-Of-Die, and Business Process Reengineering programs.

The goal of this unit is to provide students with a critical understanding if these and related concepts of process management that yield a competitive advantage through operational excellence. Students learn how to approach these complex and seemingly diverse techniques by examining their similar underlying methodology: (1) determine the goal-what the organization wants to accomplish. (2) analyze the capabilities of the current process. (3) determine the impediments to reaching the goals. (4) develop approaches to eliminate impediments.


Assessment Task


Within semester assessment




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