MCDArts Part 2 - Subject Units

Diploma of Arts Subject Units

Diploma of Arts - Part 2

MCD6010 Academic Writing


To make sense of what is happening in the world around us, you need to appreciate the complexity of how the world works and the way that everything around the world is connected to everything else. To achieve this, you will examine the relationships between historic and contemporary political, cultural and social forces, as well as the relationships between the major world religions and their influence on the modern world. This unit also examines the roles the mass media and the Internet play in shaping the modern world and in disseminating modern ideas around the world. This unit will engage you in thinking about the myriad of problems confronting the modern world and how we can make sense of these problems in terms of the conflicts between ideas. Through the study of this unit, you will develop effective critical thinking skills in the way you think about how the modern world ‘works’ and about your own place, as individuals, in the modern world.



Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, students are expected to be able to:

1. Define and discuss the key ideas and historical events that have shaped the
    modern world.
2. Critically analyse the conflicts between the ideas defined above.
3. Demonstrate through oral and written presentations, as well as classroom
    interaction, a heightened awareness of how these different ideas have led to
    the development of different cultures around the world.
4. Discuss the ethical issues involved in dealing with people from other cultures.
5. Demonstrate how contemporary events and issues in the modern world can
    be explained through the ideas examined in this unit.

Assessment Task


Within semester assessment




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MCD6130 Contemporary Worlds 2 (International Studies: Challenges of Globalisation)
MCD6140 Big Ideas For Better Future (Sociology Stream)
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