Diploma of IT Subject Units

Diploma of IT - Part 1

MCD1160 Introductory Engineering Computing


Today’s engineers rely heavily on the use of computers. To solve problems of practical significance, you need to apply scientific and technical knowledge, common sense, and experience. This unit will provide grounding in the basic functioning of a computer system and how it is used within the engineering environment. Your knowledge of the following will be extended: advanced Microsoft Word features, Excel, and PowerPoint. Further, you’ll learn how to solve real-world problems via the utilisation of a microcontroller and programming language, and you’ll create and execute an effective oral presentation to share your findings.



Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

1. Use the formatting features of a word processor.
2. Use utilities and advanced features provided with a word processor.
3. Create and format a spreadsheet.
4. Use functions and formulas to perform calculations in a spreadsheet.
5. Use graphics in a spreadsheet.
6. Use advanced facilities of a spreadsheet.
7. Designing slide shows, animation of a slide, slide transitions, use of templates
    & the auto content wizard.
8. Communicate technical content in effective oral presentations.
9. Implement problem solving strategies.
10. Decompose problems into simpler problems.
11. Construct and test simple computer programs.
12. Analyse and debug existing programs.
13. Recognise the importance of good practices in programming.
14. Understand how real-word problems can be addressed by the digital-word.


Assessment Task


Within semester assessment


MCD1170 Introductory Chemistry
MCD1180 Introductory Physics
MCD1700 Introductory Mathematics
MCD1470 Engineering Practice
MCD1710 Introductory Biology
MCD1190 Chemistry A
MCD1200 Physics A
MCD1750 Intermediate Mathematics