Diploma of IT Subject Units

Diploma of IT - Part 2

MCD4700 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks and Security


The unit introduces students to fundamentals of computer systems, networks and security. It provides basic knowledge of computer organisation and architecture, operating systems, networking architecture, technology and operation. It introduces the concepts of security goals for protecting common modern computer systems and communication networks from adversaries and the deployment of suitable countermeasures to achieve these goals.



Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

1. Analyse simple logic circuits.
2. Explain and analyse key computer structure and its operations.
3. Analyse and evaluate various strategies used by an operating system in
    managing the system resources and running applications efficiently.
4. Describe the operation of communication and networking models and develop
    simple solutions to network problems.
5. Critically assess the security threats and risks to an organisation’s
    information assets and propose suitable security control technologies that can
    be applied to reduce the security risks or in making procurement decisions

Assessment Task


Within semester assessment




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